A Mother’s Morning Prayer


I have found that as a parent and a pastor, life is exceedingly hectic.  Even when I am able to carve out time for prayer and renewal, it is hard to silence the noise of this busy, busy world and just be with God. 

This poem came as I was letting go of all the excuses and distractions so that I could be still and know the goodness of God.

The kids are off,
the house is still,
the air is quiet
with nothing to do but listen,
listen and live in your presence.
And yet…
my ears ache from the noise within
my mind is full of words, words, words
my heart flutters with anxiousness,
worried and waiting for all that has to be done this day.
Help me, Lord.
Let your peace fall over me like a blanket of love.
Let your knowing give rest to my lists.
Let your Spirit fill every part of my body,
so that I may know you
and trust you
and let go of the world
to sit at your feet
awaiting your Word
in the comfort of this sacred place,
this sacred hour,
this sacred life.

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