New Poems by “Pink Shoes”

Post Author: Pink Shoes

This month we feature two new poems by a pseudonymous blogger who writes at Pink Shoes in the Pulpit.



You remind me of words
I said long ago
Words that I’d forgotten
and scenarios
I had scrubbed clean away.
You make me laugh
and somehow sad,
not knowing what
this is all about.
I scanned over some
pieces today
that represented
more than the black and white
on the page,
and that conjured up places
I’d allowed to gather dust.
Tile by tile
Piece by piece
Creating a bit of


in response to a question

Where is the Spirit
Where is God when I…
preacherpoet motherdaughter
when I am the woman – the woman
who cries at a yellow house
but does not. leave.it. behind
(and that is important)
when I am the woman
preacher poet who craves
recognition and a
sense of authority or a sense of feeling
of being known
but blogs anonymously, says
no, CRUMBLES when
challenged        where is God
and what are my
yearning my challenges, my
gifts and how am I
true to them
I am pulled, pushed but
am I standing firmproudalive
with who I am, or am I shirking
the gifts that God has given
me? What do I yearn
for to do with a glass of
wine, a book and a pen.
what does this give me
the freedom
to do, from the trappings
of these walls we call
church together apart as
one in the world
what am I yearning and
dare I make plans
cast      vision
claim mission
I am preacherpoet woman.

Pink Shoes blogs at preacherinpink.blogspot.com. She delights in words and once had a whole conversation about words that start with 'e.'

Image by: manfredrichter
Used with permission