Praying while Frayed

Post Author: Elizabeth Grasham

“even when we are at the end of our rope…” -Rev. Elizabeth Grasham

Let’s pray together:

We try to have a good attitude about it, God,
but sometimes we just run out of juice for that.

We’ve got no more energy to pivot,
to try things a new way,
to have patience.
It all boils out.

Sometimes we stop talking, and sometimes we talk too much.
Sometimes we yell, and sometimes we cry.

Sometimes we dread the future,
and sometimes we find ourselves nostalgic about the past.

But we give thanks, God,
that we can show up to you on Sunday mornings
even when we are at the end of our rope

It turns out that when we show up, you give us more.
It turns out you’re the one we hold onto.

It turns out that your love,
and your strength,
and your perseverance never end,
even when ours do.

Fill us with your Spirit this morning.

Give us the hope we’ve lost,
and the patience we don’t have,
and the grace that we need and haven’t been able to give.

Give us the trust we’re lacking,
and the love when we’re coming in low supply.

In all things, in this worship,
remind us first that we are citizens first of your kingdom.
That we are called and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ,
workers for a world beyond this one.

It’s in your Son’s name we pray, Amen.

Rev. Elizabeth Grasham is the pastor of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Nowata, Oklahoma. She and her husband are unabashedly raising their three boys to be giant geeks.

Image by: Greg Willson
Used with permission
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