The Attempted Intimidation of Mary Magdalene

Post Author: Abby Auman

Although today is Maundy Thursday, we offer this poem today in anticipation of Easter.

This is a poem based on Matthew 28:4, 11-15, reminding us that if the resurrection is for real, we have to #believewomen.

woman in silhouette with arms raised standing in grass in front of a sunset or sunriseYou didn’t see what you saw.
You think anyone is gonna believe you stayed on your feet when the big strong men didn’t?
You think anyone is gonna believe you saw a dead man alive again?
Everyone knows women start crying and lose their minds.
Everyone knows women make stuff up.
We can pay the soldiers to tell a lie and everyone will believe them:
Dead men stay dead.
It was all in that pretty little head of yours.
So sit down, shut up, don’t make waves.
You know what happened to Jesus.

Rev. Abby Auman is the Mahoning Valley District Superintendent of the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. Prior to becoming DS, she served three UM churches in Ohio. She earned her BA from Ohio Northern University and her MDiv from Wesley Theological Seminary.

Image by: LoveToTakePhotos
Used with permission
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