New Art and Poetry

This month we are pleased to offer visual art and poetry together from two different artists, Mary Allison Cates (who created a series we featured in Advent) and Heidi Koschzec. Both works appear below the fold.

Do you sculpt? sew? shoot photos? string words together? We want to hear from you.



(click image to enlarge)

All Fall Down

What if it all falls down –
This house of cards,
This construct built on shifting sand?

What if it all goes smash,
And we are left wounded and bleeding among the shards?

What if our marbled pillars –
Piety –
What if they are tumbled into ruin
By the power of some
God-goaded Samson?
What if the roof falls in on us and we are left in the dust?

What will stand when the temple of familiarity is gone?

O God, we call:
Longing for transformation,
But no more able to see its end
Than the caterpillar is to imagine
Its winged glory.

Dying and rising,
Dying and rising,
The church turns, once again, to you.

Only you can lead us out of the beloved tomb.
Come, Lord Jesus. Come.