A Liturgy for Moving Out

When it was time to move out of the first home that I could truly call “mine,” it was with a complicated mixture of emotions. My most striking moments of joy and my deepest moments of pain were stacked side by side in cardboard boxes. The baggage involved in this move was not insignificant–pun intended. 

A Blessing for Moving In

The season called Ordinary Time in the church calendar often allows a brief reprieve for ministers and families of ministers. Often this time where school is out for the summer and regular programming shifts to summer programming invites change. Whether you are experiencing a change in moving houses or calls or bearing witness as someone […]

Irresolutions: Creating a Rule of Life

A few months ago I attended a CREDO conference, a week-long conference offered to Presbyterian and Episcopal clergy through their health and pension benefit. It’s something like a cross between a conference and a retreat that centers on four areas: spiritual health, vocational health, mental and physical health, and financial health. It includes plenary sessions, […]

A Litany for Changing Season

The air feels crisper this morning.  The sunlight shines at a different angle.  Change is in the air.    We feel the change not only on our skin, But in our souls.  Something is shifting. 

Embracing Fluidity

Two months ago I ended my position at a parish where I served for six years as the associate rector. Leaving was the best option for my family, my health, and my desire to pursue another kind of ministry. It was time for something new. I initially thought I would stay until I had my […]

Pruning the Vine

I often say I have a love/hate relationship with the gospel according to John, but that’s not strictly true. If I’m being honest, I have a reluctant-tolerance/hate relationship with John. My mature Christian faith owes a great deal to historical-Jesus scholarship––I probably wouldn’t be a churchgoer at all if not for a college class with […]