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In October, the Fidelia’s turned two! To celebrate, we had three giveaways. The giveaway winners were picked randomly, by assigning each comment or person a number, using

Below the fold, you’ll see the giveaway recipients. A huge thanks goes out to Russ White at Chalice Press and Anna Gordy Montgomery at Gloria Vestments.

The beautiful handmade stole goes to comment #16. Katy left comment #16, which described her favorite part about ministry: “As a hospital chaplain, I am awed and
honored by the trust placed in my by patients and families. When I
enter a room, most have no prior relationship with me, but they are
gracious in the extreme to allow me to share in their holy times of
confusion, pain, and suffering (and occasionally joy!). The privilege
of being present never fails to surprise or humble me.”

$50 Chalice Press gift certificate for commenting on favorite Fidelia’s
Sister’s article in the past year goes
to comment #11. Father Stacey wrote comment #11:”I especially loved Stacey Midge’s sermon “In
Sickness and in Health
.” Such a honest and forthright sermon on a
timely topic. Would have loved to hear her preach this one!” The second $50 Chalice Press gift certificate for joining the Young Clergy Women Project (TYCWP) in October 2009 goes to Lane.

Katy, Father Stacey, and Lane!

Missed these giveaways? Keep reading Fidelia’s! You never know what we’ll do next.

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